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Qualities needed to be an innovator

The three principal factors in making a positive revolution as an innovator are Curiosity, Compassion and Courage.

Curiosity - The solution of "You don't know what you don't know" lies in curiosity. With curiosity, we see and observe everything uniquely from the others. We initiate finding opportunities and shape them for ourselves and others whenever necessary. Recognize every problem as an opportunity and face criticism with your senses activated. Wondering about these problems and criticism is what sparks curiosity in an innovator. The best time to be curious is when we are bored. Physiologically, when we are bored we start exploring and viewing things differently, in other words, is the definition of curiosity. With curiosity, we start seeking more knowledge which therefore makes us great. Through curiosity, we start discovering possibilities where we can implement that knowledge. It holds the path to revolutionizing lives and disrupting problems on the way.

Compassion - Necessity is the Mother of Inventions. Beneficial outcomes that are delivered require compassion for its users. The feeling of compassion towards the community creates a life-changing impact on people's lives. Compassion brings with it opportunities for acceptance and the power to help the people. When we put ourselves in other's shoes, we understand their problems and point of view. Through this, we as innovators become capable enough to be able to unearth the perfect solutions for our users.

Courage - With every opportunity and disruption comes greater risk. One who will be able to calculate and accept this risk with courage will be able to make the best use of the opportunity received or created. The courage of not giving up on anything with constant determination is the factor that differentiates a lot of people with calibre but not being able to use it. The courage to go against the flow to achieve a milestone is the key. As an innovator, it is not necessary that everyone agrees to our solution or accepts it the way it is. That is rare! The spirit of not giving up and facing criticism confidently is what matters and delivers results at the end of the day. The fact is that the biggest risk lies in the courage of being able to deny an opportunity, instead of accepting it with the same courage.

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